Installing Carpet Grippers To Your Carpet

In order for a carpet to be installed correctly, it must be fitted correctly by the experienced installer using carpet grippers. This is the only way to make sure the carpet will not rip or stretch at the edges when it is installed. If a carpet is not fitted correctly, it will show obvious signs of wear such as wrinkles, splits and uneven threads. In addition, if the wrong type of carpet is used, it can be very difficult to remove once installed. It is also essential to use the correct adhesive because some types of adhesive do not work as well with certain types of carpets. These include high quality carpet materials and those made of soft and silky fibers.

For a standard install, you must first install carpet grippers around the edges of the room that will be carpeted before you install the carpeting through the tack strips. It is a good idea to use two tack strips and then use an adjustable nail or tacked rod to apply and tighten the glue to the center of the tack strips. Carpet grippers are usually made of thin, flexible stainless steel strips of bonded plywood with steel heads and nails that adhere to the edges of the carpeting. They are easy to use and there is no need for a carpet ladder while installing through the tack strips.

To install carpet grippers at through the tack strip, first apply one half inch of glue on each side and then slowly push the strip toward the center. To evenly spread the glue, use a clean, lint-free rag to spread the glue. The strip should be pushed until it lies flat against the plywood surface. When installed properly, the strip will lay flush against the plywood surface with evenly spaced nicks and bumps along the length of the tack strip.

After installing the carpet gripper rods at, carefully fit the underlay inside the room where it is going to be installed. The underlay can be any thickness; however, it must be the same thickness all the way from floor to floor. The underlay gives cushion and absorbs sounds from the floor. Without the underlay, the carpet grippers will not have a firm place to adhere to, so they will not work properly when they are installed.

It is important to measure the area of the room where the carpet is to be installed before fitting carpet grippers. This is because you will need to measure the length and width of the carpet so that you can get a piece of tape, called a snout, to hold the carpet securely in place across the entire length of the tack strip. You will also need to measure the length of the nails that you will use to fasten the carpet gripper rods to the floor boards. Nail sizes vary and the best to buy will depend on the size and shape of your feet. You can purchase nails that are specific to carpet installation or you can get generic nails. It is important to measure and mark the spots where the carpet screws will be seated before you begin to fasten them.

When installing the carpet grippers to the flooring, it is important to wear protective gloves. This is not only to prevent the adhesive from damaging your skin, but it is also important to prevent the glue from leaking onto your skin as well. Before applying the adhesive, you should place the gloves over the hands to protect your hands from the surface of the flooring. A silicone oil may be used to lubricate the hands, especially if the adhesive has to be used on the floor. Know more about flooring at

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